Lettuce Heads and Covid-19

Like many of you, we here at Lettuce Heads have been watching the news about novel coronavirus with growing concern for the well being our customers, our communities, and our families. As a small family farm, we are doing our best to use the flexibility we have to offer new options to meet the needs of the people we serve. We may not be able to provide you with absolutely everything on your grocery list, but we hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much you can do with local food – and we hope we’ll be able to save you more than one trip to the grocery store!

We are also partnering with other local and sustainable farms to offer meal kits, which will also be available for delivery or on-farm pickup. Our meal kits are designed to provide most of the items needed to create a delicious, local meal, and if other items are needed, we will note what they are and what substitutions you can make if you’re missing an ingredient.

We are currently only able to offer On-farm pickup at 50477 Jones Rd, Wellington, OH 44090.

A quick note to new customers:

We currently only offer a la carte (meaning that you buy each item individually, same as you would at a grocery store), we do not have a CSA program at this time.

Do you have questions about our products, our farming practices, or how we are working to get safe, healthy, local food to our community during the coronavirus outbreak? Please, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are a small team of your neighbors and it is our privilege to answer your questions.

Other local foods resources:

We’re able to bring you a wide variety of local, sustainable food from our partnerships with  Fair View Meadow Farm (pork and chicken), Schlechter Brothers (maple syrup), Elk Creek HoneyMud Run Farms (organic flours). But there’s plenty more to explore in the world of local produce! If we’re not able to offer something you’re looking for, check out some of our favorite farms and local food vendors in the area:

Gateway Pharms (Lorain, OH): offering fermented and value-added products, tea blends, and greens

The Oberlin Food Hub (Oberlin, OH): working with a wide range of farmers to offer fruit, grains, dairy, meat, and bulk items. Now offering a consumer option during the Covid-19 crisis.

(adding more soon!)


Location 50477 Jones Rd, Wellington, OH 44090 Phone 440.396.6935 E-mail Info@lettuceheadsfarm.com Hours CSA Pickup Hours: W: Noon to 8pm Th: 8am to 8pm F: 8am to 8pm S: 8am to 8pm
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